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It was a spacious chamber... )

Edit:  Fixed some formatting. Also, I named the character Serra and nicknamed Steiner 'Crimson Shield' from before I actually heard of Fire Emblem.

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It was the last week during the third month of the siege.

Aurelia's walls had stood up stubbornly against the catapults of the Church army thus far. Yet with the city surrounded, and neighbouring borders heavily blockaded, it was only a matter of time, even if it took years, before the city fell. Queen Mara was resolute in her defiance, however, and took to the battlements each day to taunt her foes while bolstering the defenders' morale.

High General Komeades had ordered several infantry assault on the walls throughout the day, and all were beaten back by the impeccable Royal Knights. Losses were heavy, especially among the lightly armored church militia. The bodies of the dead were left to rot, and the humid summer weather did little to offset the smell of the carcasses.

As Komeades brought forth more infantry, and prepared his catapults for further bombardments, singing could be heard across the battlefield, across the city. Both Aurelian and Cyathians stopped. And descending from beyond the clouds were figures armored in silver and gold, their feathery wings of the purest white.

The hymm of battle, for there were no doubts by then what the singing was, crescendo-ed and softened, a low singing in the background while one amongst the many drew back her hood. Her voice was clear, commanding, and surely aided by magic as it boomed over the two armies.

"I am First Wing Juviaiel, commander of the Third Choir, watcher of the Sanctuaries. The Council demandeth thy men to lay down arms, Komeades of Cyath, for thy superiors hath shed blood of my brethren unjustly. Lay down arms, lest more blood be shed."

The High General screamed his refusal back, and Juviaiel spoke again, her voice sad yet hard. "So be it." She drew a sword from a scabbard, its blade burning brightly from the skies. Once more the hymm swelled in volume and intensity, so overwhelming and loud, before it cut off. The sword was brought downwards in a cutting motion.

"Wings triumphant!  Light eternal!"

And so the angels dived.


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