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FE7 brings up an interesting concept - the player as a tactician.

The one responsible for passing around orders, and win the battle thanks to his tactical acumen. Or something. The issue is that it works best for smaller battlefields (inside a castle, for example), where we can intepretate it as him/her shouting orders as the situation develops. In larger one, it comes down to perhaps a messenger of sorts (I am in favor of the pegasus knight).

For the most part, I would think the tactician as a strategist. Coming up with a plan for the battle prior to the engagement itself, and trusting the individual commanders/units to adapt to the tactical situation. A/a group of pegasus or wyvern knights could be doing battlefield recon, reporting back to the tactician and he will give orders if need be.

For other FEs though (like Magvel), I imagine it to be the high ranking people coming up with a plan during a strategic meeting, with messengers running between the different units if necessary, and the sergeants and commanders of each units to adapt to the conditions on the battlefield.
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The peculiar thing about Fire Emblem I first noticed was the differentiation between knights and cavaliers when I thought both should be considered knights (or, dismounted/mounted knights). Of course, after playing through, the conversations indicate both are 'knights' setting wise, and just different game-mechanics wise.

The cavalier looks like light cavalry, while the paladin looks like heavy cavalry (what with the armor coverage). This is not entirely accurate mechanics-wise as the paladin can definitely catch up with the cavalier, and the cavalier is not better at skirmishing than the paladin. Paladin is just straight up superior.

The knight (and by extension the general), on the other hand, I would not even consider that heavy infantry. In my head, I count the FE knight as super heavy infantry. There is no historical precendent for this, but then again, just look at the armor they wear in the game.

I think most know I am biased for cavalier -> paladin. It is not just due to the name, but also that I prefer mobility to position my units (thus using two, if not all the pegasus knights). Actual setting wise, they are likely used in similar a roles to that of our own history - shock troops.

Infantry in formation can stop that, but in FE, magic might be an equaliser. A mass formation of infantry in a spear wall might not fare very well when mages on the other side toss a fireball into the midst.

Despite what the RES stat might imply, I would think for certain kind of spells, a heavy suit of armor might actually be better. Say, compare the amount of cloth present on a pegasus knight to that of a knight, and consider which one would likely catch fire if a fireball is tossed both ways.

This may be the motivation in creating super heavy infantry. Able to withstand conventional long-range magics, and still stay in formation to stand against massed cavalry charge. Not to mention they are likely quite murderous indoors against lesser armored foes.


Oct. 8th, 2010 12:32 am
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Working on 5 fics at once is... fun.

Their Finest Hour -  (Working summary) Queen Ismaire lies dead. Jehanna Hall is burning. With the capital to their backs, and the two Imperial generals closing in, they have nowhere to flee, nowhere to hide. Here, as they brace themselves against the oncoming tide, will be their finest hour.

A pseudo-sequel/companion piece to Vigil. Title and summary pending, but involves Marisa x War.

Uninformed Judgements - pseudo-sequel to Unforeseen Consequences, involving the same ruffians, except this time they encounter Marisa.

A fic in which Eirika marries Innes out of duty, but eventual Eirika x Seth.

A possible fic for [livejournal.com profile] fe_contest .
Wonder how long it will take me to finish any of them XD

New fic!

Oct. 5th, 2010 11:41 pm
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Despite working on three fics at the moment, I just had to write this drabble.

Title: Duty
Author: Korsriddare
Outgunned and outnumbered, Admiral Selena of the Imperial Grado Navy contemplates.
Fire Emblem is not mine.
A short drabble detailing Selena's thoughts before her ship is knocked out and landing her in critical condition (instead of death). Covers part of Ephraim's route's Chapter 13 "Fluorspar's Oath".

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So, for those who remembers Unforeseen Consequences, I  am actually writing a... sequel of sorts. Involving Marisa. And hammers.

I think I can call it the 'Unusual Weaponry' series.
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- One True Pairing Ship
- Canon Ship
- "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship
- "You are one sick bastard" Ship
- "I dabble a little" Ship
- "It's like a car crash" Ship
- "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship
- "Makes no canon sense but why not" Ship
- "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship

Specifically for FE8

Here goes )
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Grand list of reference/shout-outs for Homecoming, and random author's notes.

Just so I can keep track of it myself, and for anyone interested to see where and how I got names. I will be going down the names in the order they appear in the fic for the most part.

Cut for fic spoilers... )
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Title: Homecoming
Author: Korsriddare
Characters: Seth, Eirika, various.
Rating: K+
Summary: Long enough was Renais ruled by madness. A reign shall end, a traitor shall fall, a capital shall be liberated. Set in the sci-fi!Magvel continuity.
Disclaimer: Fire Emblem is not mine.


Sorry about being so late! It went longer than expected, and I write slower than expected.


Jul. 27th, 2010 07:07 pm
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Fic is just... exploding in size. Looks like Manna's birthday fic will only be ready by ... I am not sure when. 7K words, the most I have ever written in a single chapter, and I think it may just be in the middle.
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He studied the profile of the Grado general to his right... )

Introducing FE8 cast's Sci-fi!Magvel counterparts. Also, what references can you recognise?

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Working on three fics in the SF!FE continuity.

Homecoming - Long enough was Renais ruled by madness. A reign shall end, a traitor shall fall, a capital shall be liberated. Set in the sci-fi!Magvel continuity.

Homecoming is the only one with any significant content done. Basically a retelling of chapter 16, when Renais is taken back from Orson.

Their Finest Hour -  (Working summary) Queen Ismaire lies dead. Jehanna Hall is burning. With the capital to their backs, and the two Imperial generals closing in, they have nowhere to flee, nowhere to hide. Here, as they brace themselves against the oncoming tide, will be their finest hour.

Light of Dawn - (Working summary) The largest and most powerful fleet assembled in Magvel history stands ready. Their will unwavering, their tenacity unquestionable - for if they fall, there shall be no one left to witness the next sunrise. The day of reckoning, the day of judgement. Fomortiis awaits.

Another fic

Jul. 4th, 2010 01:12 pm
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Title:  Out of the Dark
Author: Korsriddare
Ephraim, Forde.
The Even as Grado sweeps deep into Renais space, Prince  Ephraim leads a daring counter-attack. Companion piece to 'Into the Night'.
Fire Emblem is not mine.

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Aha, fic is complete. Sorry about how late it is though.

Title:  Into The Night
Author: Korsriddare
Seth, Eirika. Hints of Seth x Eirika
The Star Kingdom of Renais has been betrayed by her closest ally, and her youngest admiral will do anything to see the Princess to safety.
Fire Emblem is not mine.



Jan. 21st, 2010 01:33 am
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Title: The End of Days
Eirika, Seth, other TSS characters
An evil more primal than the Demon King has been awakened. As Magvel faces destruction, Eirika and Seth struggle to survive.
References and some endgame spoilers of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.


Decided to make it multi-chapter after all.
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I love Rath. His tendency to go '...' makes him such a cool stoic. He is even cooler than a wall 8D

That is all.


Jul. 4th, 2009 12:40 pm
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It's that meme again. Post snippets of your Works in Progress on your journal.  Stolen from [profile] wonderful_words 



Triple Entanglement )

Fire Emblem


The End of Days )


Original Setting


Eve of Apocalypse )

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Philo of Religion exam done. 3 more to go.

I must admit, I got hit by another plot bunny on the way home today. I might just work on [personal profile] shimizu_hitomi 's (belated) birthday fic while I take breaks from my studying.

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So, I think I have ran this through with some of you, but here is a consistent effort in showing why I think Seth is younger than both Forde and Kyle. And also hopefully you guys can offer some opinion as well, since I may be letting my biasness for him cloud my deductions.

So, here is my thought process, though not written in a proper argument form.

1. Forde and Kyle are probably the same age.
Forde: Ha ha ha ha. Of course not. But I bet you're still a ladies' man, huh?
I know you--you're a perfect gentlemen, always nice to the ladies. I remember
when you were little, you were always the first to help when you saw a little
girl crying. You would go running up to lend a hand. I still remember how
impressed I was that you would do that. It was cool.
- Forde/Kyle C
Forde: Oh, you're one to talk. When you were a baby, you were planning out
strategies to take over the nursery. You were stuck up then, and stuck up now.
And STILL the ladies liked you!
- Forde/Kyle C
2. Kyle was probably already a knight ten years ago thanks to the mission he was sent on, and thus probably so was Forde a knight.
Syrene: We met once, about ten years ago or so. You may have forgotten.
Kyle: Ten years ago... Wait, you're... THAT Syrene!?
- Kyle/Syrene C
Kyle: I'm sorry about that, Syrene. I had no idea... I was on a special
mission to deliver a letter to King Hayden. I didn't have any time for
sightseeing, like I'd said.
- Kyle/Syrene C 3. Ten years ago, Seth was probably still a squire. Seth: When I was just a squire, there was one knight whom I admired above all
others. His skill with sword and spear was legendary. He was truly peerless.
We squires learned the meaning of chivalry watching him serve the king.
Ten years back, we received word that an infamous assassin was hiding in
- Seth/Franz A

4. A squire is probably younger than a knight.

5. Therefore, probably, Seth is younger than both Forde and Kyle.

Now, quite a bit of assumptions here. If Seth is indeed younger than them, the question then becomes how young? And what is his age? If we go by the FE tendency to not have young-ish looking characters being too old, we can set an upper limit of Forde and Kyle's age at... 28~30? Since it is not too unreasonable to say that they attain knighthood at 18~20. It is a probable upper limit, so they could be younger for all we know.

Considering the age of historic squires, they go from page to squires at about 13~14. After a few years, if they prove themselves somewhat, then they get knighted. So, if we take Kyle's mission then to be when he was still a very green knight, he was likely...18, or maybe even 17, and Seth to be a very senior squire, then his age would be...15~16, even 17? So the minimal age difference would be around 2 years. On the other hand, if we assume Kyle to be relatively experienced by then (a special mission, which either means an important courier message, or that just a mission to test out their newest knight), and Seth to be a new squire, we are looking at an age difference of 5~6, even 7, if you feel generous with either of their age.

My own head canon puts Kyle/Forde at 28, and Seth at 23~24.

Now that is over, I can ramble a bit about why I find Seth to be quite intriguing. At the start of FE8 it was mentioned that there was peace for the past 800 years or so. So, no general warfare, maybe border skirmishes when you have some bad blood. But for the current batch, everyone seem to get along before good old Demon King subjugated Lyon. In times of war, people get promoted fast because of casualty. In times of relative peace, not so much. So within 10 years of being a squire, he went from Squire Seth to General Seth, leader of the Knights of Renais.

In the meanwhile, he overtook people like Forde, Kyle, Orson, and the other knights. Not to mention, he also earned himself the name of the "Silver Knight" before the war even started. I think in FE8, only Marisa shares the same priviledge, being known as the Crimson Flash for her exploits as a mercenary. Not only that, he seems to be worshipped respected not only by fellow knights, but also by people from other nations.
Franz: Oh, so sorry... I appreciate your praise, sir.
I mean, you're General Seth, the Silver Knight. You're my hero. Seth: Hahaha... No more flattery, Franz. Please.

Franz: But, General, it's true! Do you remember when Grado's forces overran
Castle Renais? Despite grave injuries, you outcharged the enemy, broke their
lines, and escaped. And then, you delivered the princess, on your own,
to Frelia safety. If I were you, I doubt I could have survived such a
challenge... You are the only person I know who can make impossible feats
-Seth/Franz B Cormag: I know you. Of course I know you. You're General Seth, the Silver
Knight. Cormag: If the legendary Silver Knight knows my name, I can't be doing too
bad, huh?
- Both from Seth/Cormag C Forde: Never mind. Not important. Anyway, I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Yeah,
if you need a role model, look to General Seth.
-Forde/Franz A Yeap, legendary. Thus why I find him so intriguing, and love to explore how he became what we see in FE8. And I think I still have things to say, but I shall stop my ramble here. ^^;
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In the Fire Emblem universe. I suppose it is balance that makes it so that your tome will be used up after a certain amount of usage. But, perhaps there is some fluff reason as well? It is quite certain that not everyone can just pick up a Fire tome and start throwing fireball around. So, there must be some inherent or trained ability to do so. So why do you have tomes which may be used up being used by the mage?

I am ruling out incantation of the books' content. I mean, after incanting the same lines 40 times, surely you do not have to refer to the book to cast the spell anymore, yes? And even if you do, why can you only read a certain amount of times? And if the incantation is too long to be remembered after reading 40 times, I doubt it can be read fast enough to be of use in combat.

I am thinking that perhaps the books are a focus point, or a source of magic themselves. As in, other mages, in peace and quiet, imbued the books/tomes with magical energy, and when a combat mage wants to use it, they simply draw and direct that energy at their enemy. So after a certain amount of usage, that energy within the tomes will be used up. Just leaving the book behind.

I am thinking mages CAN use magic without the tomes, but will require much more concentration, and expenditure of their own energy. Perhaps hard to do so while someone is trying to hack you. But come on, the first Fire spell must be used by someone before they write it down, or to imbue it in a tome, no?

While for the book... Perhaps the stores that sell magical tomes has general categories like "Fire", "Lightning", or "Flux". Then under each spell, you get books of different genre. For example, "Renais's Greatest Jokes" imbued with "Fire". XD


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