Oh Kyosuke

Nov. 15th, 2010 08:36 pm
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We see him do a Gespenst Kick in SRW OGs, and now this.

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A lot of people, apparently. I pasted blurbs from different fics of mine, and I got a different author almost all the time.

Harry Harrison
Dan Brown (x2)
Margaret Atwood
Douglas Adams
James Joyce (x2)
Johathan Swift
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"Gundam 08th MS Team - The result of putting the King of Braves in a Ball."
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'I love the internet.

Someone's worse than you? They're a baddie. Someone's better than you? They have no life.'
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I love Rath. His tendency to go '...' makes him such a cool stoic. He is even cooler than a wall 8D

That is all.
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The Mentalist is win. So there. Simon Baker really acts well.

And Bleach. Really. Bleach. What crack are you smoking, Kubo?
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Finally got around to watching Resident Evil: Degeneration. The graphics is just... amazing. Granted, I was watching it streamed, but even with that, everything just look great. Voices too, were well done, I never felt as if I was watching a movie where it was dubbed. Nice that they retained Leon's VA from RE4. However... no Ada, even in the Racoon City flashbacks. Very fail on that.

And earlier this afternoon, was at the library reading a few of the novels from The Legacy of the Force arc of Star Wars. Every time I read Mara's death it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Still, Wedge was win, as usual, and Luke did pwn Jacen quite nicely in their fights. Even Jacen acknowledged it, somewhere along the lines of 'him being the best swordsman in the galaxy, except possibly Luke, who might be the best ever'. Then again, just a few chapters before he fought Luke who was in BATTLE RAGE.

As for Naruto. Lololol. Absolute defense? I have a BETTER absolute than you! I might be following it now the way qieru is following Bloody Monday.
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So, I was playing SRW Original Generations, at the desert where Lune and Masaki sortied by themselves for a few turns. They got surrounded, and all the enemy mooks decide to go for Lune. Being in a relatively dodgy mech, and generic enemy pilots, they all had 25% chance to hit her.

4 of them hit her consecutively in a row. She dies. I did a soft reset. 3 out of 4 him her this time, so she survives.

So... 7 out of 8 attempts hit her. A quick calculation puts the odds of that occuring at 0.0045776%

Maybe I should go buy lottery tomorrow. Or I just used up the odds.
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And that is the China Post right there.

Book rant

Aug. 25th, 2009 08:25 pm
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Seriously, I think my top pet peeve with novels are authors who kill off characters for the fun of killing off characters. Not minor characters, mind you, but quite well developed ones.

Or even better, kill them off so they do not have to deal with resolving a love triangle (lulz the third one is dead), or so that they can avoid doing some kind of romance resolution.

Even better, doing so in a way that boggles my mind. For example: two pilots held prisoner by a very, very disturbed enemy general. He is so apt at torturing people that he can beat them up enough so they do not die immediately, but with fatal wounds.

He subjects both of them to beatings. Different beatings, mind you, since he wants them to die and recognises that the male has stronger constitution. What happens? The female dies, but the male somehow survives.

At the end of the book, there was about... a single paragraph discussing about her at her funeral. That was it.



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