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Well. Kind of.

So with the Fatimid Caliphate finally wiped out. My Crusaders could finally go about securing the borders. Ironically, Cairo and Alexandria were the two most developed cities under my control, even though they make my south-western border. Past that border is... the territory of the Sicilians. They sailed down to grab part of the Moors. Moors on the other hand, are busy expanding up into the Iberian Peninsula. The Portuguese are boxed in, while the Crown of Castile is fighting tooth and nails, but slowly loosing territory to the Moors.

To my west is the Khwarezmian Empire. And boy are they spiraling out of control. Between them and the Cuman Kharnates, the Seljuk Sultanate  is now really, really small. Despite my trading with the Sultanate, they might be looking to come after my northern borders. Adana is not much, but it is close enough to Tortosa (the one in Syria, not Spain) for me to send in reinforcements if hostilities break out. I also control Edessa to my north-east, though due to the unforgiving desert, it is also the only passable route so far for the Khwarezemians. My citizens there must be used to fighting by now, every year or so either the Empire or Kharnate send some generals to try and take it. Again, I have troops going there all the time, to fill in for the casualties suffered.

As a whole though, my muslim neighbours are not very happy with me shifting my capital to Jerusalem. Their first jihad failed, but it cost me a lot of manpower and florins. Thankfully the Pope is aware of my sacrifices in the name of the Church, and my standing with the Papal States is high (Not to mention most of the cardinals now are from my Crusader States as well). It may also have to do with the fact that I managed to secure an alliance with the Papal States from the beginning.

My reputation as it is hovers between 'Very Trustworthy' and 'Immaculate', thanks to my nation being relatively friendly (for its time) and never breaking her word. My other old ally - the Republic of Genoa, is in a bit of a dire strait. It did well against the Holy Roman Empire, but was invaded by the French and the Republic of Venice. Milan has fallen, and a French army is near Genoa itself. My resources had been tied up earlier, but now....

Well, the Venetians will be surprised when they wake up one morning in the near future to find a fleet of ships with crosses disembarking my Crusaders just outside their city walls. I do, after all, take my alliance obligations seriously.

(And all of the above is what is occuring now in the Medieval 2 campaign (with stainless steel mod). I am playing as the Knights Templar. So fun.)


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