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So I watched a little more of it, and all I could think during the action sequences were...

Imagine Max in a VF-25... Damn.
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Oh boy. A few minutes at the Robotech forums can be really... 'uplifting'. I actually got into Macross due to Robotech: The Macross Saga. First the Robotech novels, then the DVD, and then finally into Macross proper (the series, DYRL etc etc).

So, apparently Rick/Hikaru is the best pilot, because he had the most kills on-screen (never mind that as main character we see him the most?), the hottest streak, and, to quote 'got the hottest girl'. I am not too sure, but many of his supporters sound like... they are projecting themselves on to the main character of the series. An inverse of a self-insert, if you will.

And Rick will win against Miriya/Milia 'hands down', because Max beats her, and Rick is 'definitely' better than Max. What?! Or the even more laughable excuse, Max is better in Veritech, Rick will beat him with an aircraft. Hello. The better pilot is the one who can push his/her machine to better usage. And Max does that, changing flight forms when needed to deadly, deadly efficiency. Even in Robotech it is quite obvious, not to mention in Macross. It reminds me, sadly, of some Naruto fans, where he must be the beeeeeeeest because he is the main character (and that is before the time skip).

And finally, Max is a terrible womaniser, and is even worse, a total lech in M7 because he has the bridge crew going after him and yet does nothing to stop them? Eh. From what I remember, they do not make their fawning obvious in his presence, ~and~ the only time it was obvious is in the short story 'Seven Bridge', and even then they only dare to do it when he was asleep. How do you stop people from going after you if you are not aware of it in the first place?


And in other news, disaster relief crew from all parts of Taiwan are heading to the South, because the south alone cannot handle it. According to my mother, that is a first, and shows how bad it supposedly is. Well. I know it is. Hopefully there are good news later.
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Max and Milia in Macross DYRL. The details still get to me now, the disintegration of the VF rather than outright explosion, the way the top of Macross went. And of course, the dogfight itself. The fighters look damn good.

The Macross Frontier dogfights are nice, but something about the 3D models, or perhaps the explosions, feels not as fluid as DYRL. Not to mention that I think the VF-25 is eh.. ugly compared to the VF-1 variants.


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