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Taken from[info]wonderful_words's friend list.
Find and paste one excerpt from every WIP you are working on into your journal.

Saratosa III, Saratosa System
Kel-Dagda Combine
0600 hrs (T-time)


Light years away from the star system known to mankind as Saratosa, the Expedition Fleet prepared itself. The last of its combat space patrol docked with the carriers as the Fleet readied to enter what must be the Vermin’s border system. The Scout Force had encountered what must be the Vermin’s own Scout Force two years ago, and an Expedition Force was quickly assembled and sent to the border. From the first encounter, it has been deduced that the Vermin’s technological advantage could be nullified by the Fleet’s tactical doctrine.

At the Command Ship’s order, the first of the Expedition Fleet transited into hyperspace.


Sky Marshal Eleanor Summer’s coffee cup landed on the floor with an audible crack.

Not that anyone on the bridge of the battlecruiser KCSS Radiance was paying attention to it.

“Holy God…” Her voice trailed off as she looked at the tactical display. Where the hell did they come from? Ten crimson circles burnt themselves into the plot, indication of the unknown ships that had just exited the Alpha-Saratosa jump point, and their course firmly placed them on interception course with the only habitable planet in the system: Saratosa III.

But…Beyond the jump point is unexplored space! How can there be vessels? Unless they are…

“More transits!”

The exclamation brought her face towards the secondary display, and sure enough, hyperspace signature indicated another fifty unknowns. The Saratosa division of the Kel-Dagda Combine Navy was currently under-strength, for nearly forty percent of the armada had been transferred to the Orionus Commonwealth border. After all, what could possibly threaten the security of a star system on the verge of explored space? Or so we’ve thought, Eleanor thought bitterly. She would feel more secure if the rest of the armada is here. No matter, we’ll have to do with what we have. “Hail the unknowns with standard protocols.”

The minutes ticked down, and yet there was still no response. Either they don’t have wide-band transmission, or they’re not responding on purpose. But, why wouldn’t they respond? Unless- Eleanor’s eyes widened, and she barked to the comtech, “Send a dispatch to Orbital Command: Order all civilians to begin evacuation procedure. I want all non-essential fleet element to assist in the operation. Be ready to lift-off at my call.”

The comtech, turned, his face filled with confusion, ”But Sky Marshal, we do not have the lift capacity to evacuate all of them!”

“I know,” she replied coldly, “Prioritize the evacuation, we must get as many away as possible. Whoever these bastards are, they have no intention to talk, sound General Quarters, the Armada is to prepare for battle.”

Notes: Original work, posted on fiction press, and looking to rewrite some chapters.


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