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Manchester United has been really disappointing under LVG. Negative football against the tradition, and terrible results. And each time it seems his time is up the team manage to struggle to a win just to keep him here longer.

If this is the brand of football he wants to bring to United, I rather him just go.
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You brought much joy to the world, and I am sure your words will continue to do so for future generations to come.

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Work has been busy the for most of the year. I call this event the morale crusher, and most of my colleagues agree.

Anyway, just returned from watching a concert with an actual singer - a first for me (previously was to support friends in their school band/orchestras... that was a little under a decade ago). http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/mizuki0914

It was quite fantastic.
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"I am not going to talk about religion, I am going to talk about faith in god."

Eh... I am not sure how to parse that sentence.
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I know we are really good at come back... but seriously. Stop giving me near heart attacks like that. Just score first and score more? Please?
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That was... amazingly comedic.

Romney. Give yourself a pat on the back. You succeeded in debating like a primary school kid while looking smug.
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Essentially a trading card game meets Pokemon, due to the ability to evolve cards. Nice artwork, I think. Available on both iOS and Android. Free too.

The referral code that can be used is refreshing. The referrer gets benefits, but the referree gets benefits as well - rare card and some starting money.

If you decide to pick up the game, after finishing the tutorial they will prompt you for a code. Mine is tcf69796.
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8 points ahead! Still not definite champions yet, but definitely optimistic about it.
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Completed. Consider me not a fan of the ending, but it was one hell of a ride for the rest of the game. So, a disappointing final 5-10ish minutes... Still a 9.5 over 10 for me.
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Passed away. I actually have not read her Pern books, but I was really like her 'The Ship that...' setting. Her Crystal Singer trilogy also struck a chord with me for some reason.

Rest in peace.
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FE7 brings up an interesting concept - the player as a tactician.

The one responsible for passing around orders, and win the battle thanks to his tactical acumen. Or something. The issue is that it works best for smaller battlefields (inside a castle, for example), where we can intepretate it as him/her shouting orders as the situation develops. In larger one, it comes down to perhaps a messenger of sorts (I am in favor of the pegasus knight).

For the most part, I would think the tactician as a strategist. Coming up with a plan for the battle prior to the engagement itself, and trusting the individual commanders/units to adapt to the tactical situation. A/a group of pegasus or wyvern knights could be doing battlefield recon, reporting back to the tactician and he will give orders if need be.

For other FEs though (like Magvel), I imagine it to be the high ranking people coming up with a plan during a strategic meeting, with messengers running between the different units if necessary, and the sergeants and commanders of each units to adapt to the conditions on the battlefield.
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The peculiar thing about Fire Emblem I first noticed was the differentiation between knights and cavaliers when I thought both should be considered knights (or, dismounted/mounted knights). Of course, after playing through, the conversations indicate both are 'knights' setting wise, and just different game-mechanics wise.

The cavalier looks like light cavalry, while the paladin looks like heavy cavalry (what with the armor coverage). This is not entirely accurate mechanics-wise as the paladin can definitely catch up with the cavalier, and the cavalier is not better at skirmishing than the paladin. Paladin is just straight up superior.

The knight (and by extension the general), on the other hand, I would not even consider that heavy infantry. In my head, I count the FE knight as super heavy infantry. There is no historical precendent for this, but then again, just look at the armor they wear in the game.

I think most know I am biased for cavalier -> paladin. It is not just due to the name, but also that I prefer mobility to position my units (thus using two, if not all the pegasus knights). Actual setting wise, they are likely used in similar a roles to that of our own history - shock troops.

Infantry in formation can stop that, but in FE, magic might be an equaliser. A mass formation of infantry in a spear wall might not fare very well when mages on the other side toss a fireball into the midst.

Despite what the RES stat might imply, I would think for certain kind of spells, a heavy suit of armor might actually be better. Say, compare the amount of cloth present on a pegasus knight to that of a knight, and consider which one would likely catch fire if a fireball is tossed both ways.

This may be the motivation in creating super heavy infantry. Able to withstand conventional long-range magics, and still stay in formation to stand against massed cavalry charge. Not to mention they are likely quite murderous indoors against lesser armored foes.

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And United are the champions once more!

Hoo rah!
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Upgraded to 100 mbps. It uses the new nation-wide fibre optic network that was set up recently. The technician that came to set up thought I had wireless (the connection point is in the living room, while my computer is in my room).

So he suggested I either go wireless or use a cable. He tested the speed for me using his laptop. Wireless was...10mbps (And it was in the living room. Imagine if I had went with wireless in my own room), while with cable it was 90+ mbps.

Had to buy the cable and set it up myself. Took a while, but...

Glorious, glorious internet speed.
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'March 12, 2011: White smoke could be seen billowing from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan following a large explosion. (NHK)'

And according to experts in Taiwan, the chance of the radioactive particles reaching the country is about 10%. Much depends on the wind.

Hopefully none of it will touch Taiwan.
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Flag Officers
Admiral of the Fleet
Star Admiral
Fleet Admiral
Admiral (of the Sword)
Admiral (of the Shield)
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral

Commissioned Officers
Commodore Junior Grade
Captain Junior Grade
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Warrant Officers
Master Chief Warrant Officer
Senier Chief Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer First Class
Warrant Officer Second Class
Warrant Officer Third Class

Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer First Class
Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer Third Class

Enlisted Personnel
Spacer First Class
Spacer Second Class
Spacer Third Class

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Oh shit, they pissed Kyosuke off.
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SRW OG: The Inspector is win. So full of win.

Much better than the other SRW anime adaptions.
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Despite them going 2 man down, we still played quite badly. Not good at all.

Oh Kyosuke

Nov. 15th, 2010 08:36 pm
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We see him do a Gespenst Kick in SRW OGs, and now this.

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