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Oh shit, they pissed Kyosuke off.
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SRW OG: The Inspector is win. So full of win.

Much better than the other SRW anime adaptions.

Oh Kyosuke

Nov. 15th, 2010 08:36 pm
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We see him do a Gespenst Kick in SRW OGs, and now this.

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So, I was playing SRW Original Generations, at the desert where Lune and Masaki sortied by themselves for a few turns. They got surrounded, and all the enemy mooks decide to go for Lune. Being in a relatively dodgy mech, and generic enemy pilots, they all had 25% chance to hit her.

4 of them hit her consecutively in a row. She dies. I did a soft reset. 3 out of 4 him her this time, so she survives.

So... 7 out of 8 attempts hit her. A quick calculation puts the odds of that occuring at 0.0045776%

Maybe I should go buy lottery tomorrow. Or I just used up the odds.
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So do the creators of SRW @3 love Max and Millia or what? Other than defense and melee, they both score high on ranged, skills, dodge and hit. With good skills and abilities list.

Max can dodge with Battle 7, and both of them deal much higher damage than what their units' weapon bases suggest. e.g. Max was critting for 11000 damage on a weapon that supposedly deals 4700. Lol.

EVA gets much love too. No EN usage AT field + good pilot stats makes them my top priority supers. Well, admittedly they are more of a hybrid than anything. But still, much love.


Jun. 8th, 2009 02:40 am
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Selena up there? From what I read of her battle scene with one one of the Primevals (no direction translation available, but I can read numbers. And chinese characters)... She was using a whip that could shock someone for 2 million volts.

About @3

Jun. 6th, 2009 02:22 am
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So I am officially in love with SRW Alpha 3, despite me having to consult a translated walkthrough to understand most of the conversations. Unfortunately it misses out some parts of the dialogue in Selena's route (female Real Robot pilot), but more or less one can follow what is going on.

Not to mention her path follows the PLANT portion of Gundam Seed. Interesting to play as the 'antagonist', though she has at this moment (chapter 10), defected by to the Alpha Numbers. She is cool though, almost like a femme fatale type of character.

And it is a little amusing that despite the series being 'Super Robot Wars', I very much prefer to use RRs.
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Painful. But that is a reason why I love Excellen and Kyosuke so much.


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