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So, as I was waiting on a friend, who would be late, I decide to go to a nearby bookstore. Found Arthas, Rise of the Lich King, and read through it in about 30 minutes. I think my reading speed had improved without me knowing.

A few interesting notes:

Jaina and Arthas definitely have an active sex life. Well, most of the times they were together in the book either ends up in a make-out session or the former.

Jaina is clearly not over Arthas yet. Be it after Stratholme, or just before Wrath of the Lich King.

Arthas continues to think about Jaina a few times, even after becoming a Death Knight. Though it has more to do with how she 'broke her vow' of never denying him anything, and walking away after he decides that Stratholme has to be purged.

Kael'thas is physically perfect, supposedly, according to Arthas, when he was jealous/curious about how Jaina views the elf.

Sylvanas is far from being just a vengeful Forsaken. She got a little homesick when she smelled some herbs. And she definitely did not intent for the plague to be used on everyone. Just the scourge, and possibly the humans. Her hatred for the latter seem to stem from them being responsible for Arthas.

Arthas' steed is named Invincible. It retains that name when Death Knight!Arthas killed and reanimated it.

Flamestrike was reforged by Kael'thas to be used against Arthas after the original broke when his father died defending Qual'thalas. He lost again, but was able to momentarily stun Arthas and teleport away by telling the latter that "...she hates you now." Which was probably untrue, but Arthas did not know that.

Arthas regrets killing the citizens during the Culling, and it did not become easier even after the first few deaths, so that pushed him up a little on my sympathy list.

Teleportation (aka mage's blink and perhaps teleport) is a proper lore ability. Jaina was in Dalaran just before Arthas attack it, and Antonidas urged her to leave before the anti-teleportation wards were put in place. Kael'thas also teleported away to escape in his failed fight with Arthas.

I still do not understand his motivation from revenge against Mal'Ganis to killing and wiping out his own kingdom. Kael'thas descent into madness is much more.. logical? Even at the end, his only attack on Silvermoon City was to grab the Naaru.

That said, reading it makes me look forward to what happens in Icecrown Citadel more. And I hope both Jaina and Sylvanas survives.
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